Coronavirus Update – Re-Opening the Club

The club is open for people to play singles, and for people from the same household to play doubles from Wednesday 13th May.

There are strict conditions and limitations to follow government guidance for safe social distancing:

  • Singles only, except if you are playing doubles with members from the same household.
  • Maintain 2m separation, wash hands before and after playing.
  • Use your own set of balls for the service game, one for each server.  Use a racquet to pick up the other players tennis ball, not using hands.
  • Book a court and use courts 1&3 plus 4&6 in preference, courts 2 and 5 will be used when other courts are full.
  • The clubhouse is shut, toilet and handwashing facilities are available in the disabled toilet.
  • Until it can be reviewed, the ball machine is not to be used.
  • Coaching limited to individual lessons only, with appropriate procedures as per LTA.

live classes led by Head Coach Jon using Zoom

FREE Fun Cardio Tennis Live Class Schedule

2 balls and a racket required
ADULT Classes – Wednesday 6:30pm
JUNIOR This Girl Can (Girls only) – Wednesday 4:30pm
JUNIOR Team – Wednesday 5:30pm

Mini Tennis ABC Skills Classes

Agility, Balance & Co-ordination
Players need a ball, racket, drink of water
Beginner – Friday 3:30pm (aimed at u8 years)
Intermediate – Wednesday 3:30pm (aimed at 8-10 years)
Advanced – Thursday 3:30pm (aimed at 10-14years)

To join a class:

Text Jon 07702 814351 or email