Court Booking System Instructions


  • Courts can be booked up to 14 days in advance
  • Block/regular bookings, such as Club Night, Men’s morning, Free Play, Junior Squads, etc. will be set up by Tennis Secretary and these slots cannot be changed by members
  • The slots that are available for members to book are yellow
  • This system makes it very easy to cancel unwanted booking, so, there really is no excuse for not doing so. If you are not going to use a booked court then, please, cancel it ASAP!

Instructions For How To Use The System

Access the system Go to the following web site: can do this direct from this document by pressing Ctrl and clicking on the above link.

To make it easy to access in the future then save as a Bookmark and/or Desktop shortcut

Access your account Select the Sign Inbutton towards the top of the screen and then enter the following information:Account:      This will be pre-filled with PRESTBURYUserName:  Enter the username you have been assignedPassword:   Enter your password, which is initially ‘CHANGEME’
Check availability and bookings If the correct screen is not on display then click Bookings and AvailabilityThere are 2 ways to view information:

  1. View (Select Facility) Facility For (Next Seven Days)

Place your cursor on the “Select Facility” and choose from the drop down list which court you wish to book.  Then move your cursor to the “Next Seven Days”.  There will be a drop down menu offering a choice of time frames. Choose from the list.   You are now ready to book your court.

  1. Select Date to Show All Facilities

To choose from all 8 courts on a particular day click in the box to right of “Select Date to Show All Facilities” and choose the date you are interested in.  You are now ready to book your court.

Book a court
  1. Make sure the court/date you are interested in is displayed (see above)
  2. Click on the box with the time that you want to start (this will display the Booking Confirmation screen)
  3. If you just want a 30-minute slot then click Confirm
  4. If you want a longer slot (max 90 minutes) then click on the arrow to the right of the Until box and this will give the choice of finish times. Select the one you want and then click Confirm
  5. If you don’t want to go ahead with the booking then click Cancel
  6. If you put some text into the Notes box then this will appear on the booking sheet instead of your UserName. Only use this if there is a very good reason!
Cancel a court booking Either whole bookings can be cancelled or individual 30-minute slots

  1. Make sure the court/date you want to cancel is displayed (see above)
  2. Click on the box you want to cancel (this will display the Cancellation Confirmation screen)
  3. Select either This Booking Only to cancel just that slot or All Future Linked Bookings to cancel the whole booking
  4. Click on Yes to proceed with cancellation or No if you’ve changed your mind and want to keep the booking
Sign out When you have finished making/cancelling bookings then you need to exit from your account.Select the Sign Out button towards the top of the screen
Change password Each account is set up with a standard password, which will have been communicated in the email you received. It is VERY IMPORTANTthat you change this to something else at the earliest opportunity.

  1. Click on My Details and this will display a new screen
  2. Fill in the following fields:
  • Old Password
  • New Password
  • New Password Confirmation
  1. Click Update Member Information
  2. Move to another screen by clicking on one of the menu items near to top of screen
Further help Click on the Help button


Booking Guidelines

In order to maximise the use of courts for all members, please, adhere to the following slots during the listed periods:

  • Weekdays, 6.30 onwards – Only book either 6.30-8.00 or 8.00-9.30
  • Weekend mornings – Do not book courts starting at 9.30 or 11.00


If you are unsure of anything or find something doesn’t work as you expect then get in touch with either Richard Sinton