Rules & Policies

General Court Rules

  • Tennis shoes must be worn on court at all times. Trainers with heels, ridged soles or studs are not suitable, as they damage the court surface.
  • Players are asked to wear recognised/appropriate sportswear.
  • Dogs should be on leads and with their owners at all times when on Club premises.  Under no circumstances are dogs allowed on court, this includes the KidsZone.

Members are asked to observe the following requests:

  • Do not walk across courts if play is underway. Instead, you should wait for a suitable break or until invited to cross by the players
  • To access court 3 (if players are on court 1 or 2), please use the gate at the far end
  • To access court 6 (if players are on court 4 or 5), please use the double gate
  • Do not deliberately hit balls on to the squash club roof or into the river/woods
  • Keep the courts, clubhouse and grounds tidy by not leaving litter around – use the bins provided
  • After playing on the artificial clay courts then they should be dragged and the lines swept with the equipment provided
  • Use the footbaths near to the artificial clay court gates when going both on and off the courts
  • Use the courtsweeps on the Astroturf courts before playing if they are covered in debris from the trees. This makes it a nicer playing surface and avoids the bits getting trodden in to the carpet

Other Rules & Policy Documents