Junior Successes

2015 U18 Club Championship Boys Singles

2015 U18 Boys IMG_2011

Sam Walton won against finalist Ben Walton.

2015 U18 Club Championship Girls Singles

2015 U18 Girls IMG_2060

Josie Elliot won against finalist Alex Brooks.

2015 U15 Club Championship Boys Singles

2015 U15 Boys

James Walton won against other finalist John Shellien.

2015 U15 Club Championship Girls Singles

2015 U15 Girls IMG_1997

Rachel Mercer won against other finalist Lydia Palmer.

2015 U13 Club Championship Boys Singles 

2015 U13 Boys

Jack Walton won against other finalist Alistair Sutherland.

2015 U13 Girls Singles Plate Finalists

2015 U13 Girls

Emily Topham  won against other finalist Mia Pedersen.

2015 U18 Boys Doubles Finalists

2015 U18 Boys Dbls

Sam Walton and Tom Jones won against other finalists Ben Walton and Micah Wadcock.

2015 U18 Girls Doubles Finalists

2015 U18 Girls Dbles

Alex Brooks and Jose Elliot won against Amy Anson and Lena Signey.

2015 U15 Boys Doubles Finalists

2015 U15 Boys Dbles

James Walton and Harry Mattocks won against other finalists John Shellien and             Ben Topham.

2015 U13 Girls Doubles Finalists

2015 U13 Girls dbls IMG_2039


Emily Topham and Suzie Bridgett won against finalists Mia Pederson and Amelia Wilshaw.

2015 U18 Mix Doubles Finalists

2015 U18 Mixed

Alex Brooks and Ben Walton won against other finalists Josie Elliot and Ed Harvey.

2015 U15 Mixed Doubles Finalists

2015 U15 Mixed

Lena Signey and David Cook won against other finalists Amy Anson and James Walton.

2015 Youatt Cup Winners

Youatt Cup Winners 2015

Well done to Alex, Grace, Ben, David & Cameron (Josie played too but is missing in picture). They won £250 prize money which will go to Junior Section!

Orange 15 Rally Award

Junior Success Aug 2015
Well done Harry Reens and Bradley Snape for achieving their Orange 15 Rally Award.


U10 2015 Winter League Finals

10U Point One Winter league finals 29 March 2015
U10 boys who won their box and played final against Bramhall Queensgate, who won the final.

U8 Team at Northern Tennis Club

U8 July 2014

U8 Team play at The Northern TC in a team competition competing against the regions best players. They first watched the Professional Men’s play in the Aegon Pro match followed by playing in a Exhibition comp on the club’s courts.

2014 Junior Championship Results

!!!U13 Girls Doubles – MATCH OF THE DAY!!!

County Champion Grace Jones & Zoya hard hitting Hibbert showed great champion traits & took the match all the way to a 3 set thriller. First set went to Josie & Elliot 7-6 & followed by a come back from Alex & Josie wining 7-6. The 3rd set went all the way to 10-8 with Josie & Alex winning a epic final watched by nervous parents.

 U18 Boys Final


James Taylor won against a physically fit Micah Whadcock. Micah self taught and a good swimmer had the lungs to last the long rallies. But James took the ball early and held his serve well with a big first serve and a big 2nd kicker winning 6-1 , 6-1.

 U18 Boys Plate


A technically sound Tom Jones hit some good looking shots. Ed Harvey though with his badminton style volleys and a some heavy topspin forehands won in 2 sets.


U18 Boys Doubles


James Taylor and Micah Wahdcock in their 2nd final of the day beat Ed Harvey & Jack Eales. Jac’ks powerful swimming arms & Ed Harvey big first serve & topsin forehand’s could not beat the singles finalists. James & Micah worked well as a team and poached well at the net. 7-5, 6-2


U15 Boys Singles

Ed Durrant & Ari Muhladeen was the battle of the western grips. An enthralling match watched watch by team Durrant & Muhladeen saw both players hitting steady shots at their opponents weaker side and both players creeping into the net to finish the point. Ari won 6-3, 6-3.

 U15 Boys Doubles


The Walton Brothers were the wild card draw with opponents not knowing their game. Both brothers stayed back and grinded the points out from the back but could not overcome a consistent Alex Armstrong & Adil Mahmood. They often play together and all their attendance to training has paid off. 6-4 6-1.


U15 Girls Singles


A close match between Evie & Hannah Dawson. Evie chased everything down in the long rallies and showed fighting spirit throught the match and never gave up. Hannah had slightly more powerful shots on the day and fond the gaps to finish the point off. 6-4,6-2

U15 Girls Doubles 


Team Dawson had a great performance in Chloe’s first final. Both Chloe & Hannah worked well together and encouraged each other through all the points. Evie & Hope though had a little more experience through playing Aegon Matches and gave them the championship trophy. 6-3 6-2.

U13 Girls Singles


Doubles partners Josie & Alex who know each others game’s like the back of their hand had a typically friendly match. They showed good technique & fitness staying at the back and putting there all into their shots. It is not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of fight in the dog as little Alex was the victor.

U13 Boys doubles

Ben Nicol & David Cook won the U13 Boys Doubles against Will Durrant & Cameron Armstrong who were successful in reaching the finals.

 U13 Boys Singles

Ben Nicol won against Euan Wallis who was successful in reaching the finals.

Tennis for Children In Need


Alex Brooks and Josie Elliot won a place to compete in the 2013 Children in Need Tennis Finals day, at the National Tennis Centre.

Under 9 Tournament Champions

will morris

William Morris & Rory Walton-Smith won 7-2, 3-7, 7-5 in an Under 9 Tournament.  Coming in 4th was Roan Elliot & Louis Harvey-Mitchell. Congratulations!

Cheshire County – Junior Champions

Junior County champions

The Junior section enjoyed success at the recent County Championships.  Prestbury were successful in producing a Double champion and 2 singles champions.

Youatt Cup September 2013

Youatt cup 2013

The team from Prestbury which included Grace, Ellie, Arri and Ben came a very close second in the final of the Youatt Cup today.

Team of the Year – Tytherington High School

The senior tennis team (James Taylor, Sam Walton, Tom Dale,  and Connor Moran)
were awarded ‘Team of the Year’ by Tytherington High School for their exploits in reaching the Aegon National Finals in Bolton.

Sports Evening 001 (1)

The photo features James Taylor, Sam Walton and Izzie Christianson at the award ceremony.

Rory Walton-Smith wins U9 LTA Cheshire Tour Event                                                       at Prestbury Tennis Club -June 2013

Junior Successes June 2012

Ethan Rowley wins Northern TC U8 Cheshire Tour –Feb 2013











U13 Mixed Team win Youatt Cup-  Sept 2012

Sisters Maya and Ellie Thomas, along with Ben Nicol and Lewis Denton won the prestigious U13 Youatt Cup competition. This is the second year running that the club has won the cup and received a cheque
for £250.