Membership Fees For 2022-23

    Category Description Fee
    Senior 30+ yrs £270
    Young Adult Young Adult (18 - 29 yrs) £138
    Country 25+ miles from club £102
    Student 18 - 24 yrs £52
    Junior (11-17yrs) 11 - 17 yrs £94
    Junior (9-10yrs) 9 - 10 yrs £82
    Junior (4-8yrs) 4 - 8 yrs £40
    Social Social non-playing member £25

    Nb. All ages are as at 1st April 2022

    Discounts - The subscription year runs from April to March and reductions are available when joining from July onwards. For details Click on This Link
    Families - A discount rate applies for juniors if parents/guardians are Senior playing members
    • 1 parent/guardian - 25% off normal junior rates
    • 2 parents/guardians - 50% off normal junior rates
    Juniors – A junior is only eligible to join if a parent or guardian is an adult member (playing or social)
    Student – The club requires evidence of full-time education to qualify
    Country – The club requires evidence of home address to qualify

    Please fill in the following information:

    First Name Surname Category Sex DOB Fee
    Post Code
    Home Tel No
    Email - Adult 1
    Mobile - Adult 1
    Email - Adult 2
    Mobile - Adult 2
    Where did you hear about us?
    Would you like details for joining the club's 50/50 lottery, which is raising funds to refurbish the outside toilet?

    Total payment due
    Payment method
    Bank details for online transfer:
    Account name: Prestbury Tennis Club
    Sort code: 01-05-41
    Account No: 02689626
    Monthly Direct Debit:
    If taking the monthly direct debit option then I agree to pay all instalments for the remainder of the year (up to end-March)
    To set up a Direct Debit mandate Click on This Link
    Data Protection Statement
    At Prestbury Tennis Club, we will only collect and use your personal information for specific reasons, all connected with running the club on your behalf, and its’ tennis activities.

    Specifically, we will use your personal information for:

    • Club administration
    • Organisation of tennis competitions and team tennis
    • Communication to the membership
    • Coaching
    • Safeguarding for junior members
    • Organising Club social activities
    • Promotion of the club within the wider community through social media and the club website

    If you leave the club, we will retain your data for up to six years.

    We will share some personal information with Star Tennis, our coaching team partner at PTC, for the purposes of providing members with coaching opportunities.

    A complete version of our privacy statement can be requested by email from PTC


    All people listed on this form agree to observe the rules of Prestbury Tennis Club, which can be accessed with the following link (Rules & Policies) and then selecting "PTC General Rules and Etiquette"
    Tick the box to indicate acceptance of these terms

    By clicking on Submit an email will be sent to the Membership Secretary with all the details entered and they will get in touch with you shortly.