Need your racquet restringing or grip replacing?

Contact Richard Sinton (, 07760 171473)

Services Available

  • Racquet restringing with all string types available, plus advice given for string type and tension 
  • Replacement grips/overgrips
  • Building up of handle size (some racquets can be reduced, but, not many!)
  • Racquet tuning by adding weights
  • Tennis, Squash & Badminton racquets

Good prices, quick turn-round, long-standing member at PTC, Est. 2003 and fully qualified (Master Racquet Technician from ERSA – European Racquet Stringers Association)


When Should a Racquet be Restrung?

  • When a string breaks – this is true for hard-hitting top-spinners where strings only last a matter of weeks. 
  • When the strings start to fray – this is less clearcut as some strings (natural gut and multi-filaments) will actually last quite long in this state. The decision probably depends on whether you have an important game coming up and if you have a spare racquet!
  • Otherwise – the accepted advice is that it should be restrung the same number of times per year as you play in a week. I.e. if you play twice a week then restring twice a year
  • If all else fails – I would not recommend leaving strings in a racquet for more than 12 months as they will deteriorate:
    • Loss of tension caused by time and hitting balls. This affects how the racquet plays
    • Loss of elasticity in the strings, which leads to a reduction in its ability to “snap back” into shape as you hit a ball and, hence, the racquet will feel a bit dead
  • Being able to say “my strings last for years” is nothing to be proud of!

Here is a good article that articulates the issues involved pretty well…read here